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Positiveshipping [Shingetsu x Yuuma] Fanfiction

in which smut happens.  Don’t like?  Don’t hit read more!

Kinda, but not really, spoiler alert too?  If you haven’t seen past episode 88, then it’s probably best if you don’t read this. 

Why did I write this randomly?  Because of my imagination of what Shingetsu and Yuuma could do in a bathroom stall instead of having secret meetings >:3 

Enjoy ~

Sometimes it was very hard to be a regular human boy. There was the fact that he had to deal with a body that wasn’t even his, customs he was unfamiliar with, school, students, routines that interfered with his mission. Dealing with a boy who was strong, yes, but not always too smart, was sometimes frustrating for the Barian, but he knew that he needed Yuuma’s help. He wasn’t strong enough to defeat the Barians himself, and Yuuma had Astral, who was working to get to the Numeron Code just as hard as he was. His job was to make sure that the Barians who were against him were expelled, so that the card that created the world never fell into the wrong hands.

The Barian’s Guardian had put on a facade, posing as the innocent, clumsy and harmless Shingetsu Rei. He was very good at maintaining his act, able to smile, laugh, cry and perform a number of human emotions at will. He’d studied the human world extensively, so he was more than familiar with the behaviourisms of normal human beings, and could therefore participate fully. His body was the key to this success. As long as Shingetsu was constantly aware of his human body’s actions, always fully in control of whatever he let it do, he was fine.

Shingetsu was always in control, as he was now, seated in class and listening to the professor drone on about topics that he either already knew, or didn’t need. It was just another day, where he knew he’d have to pass the time in school, then go off with his subordinate to find any traces of the Barians. Unfortunately, Shingetsu was wrong. A sudden jolt passed through his body, causing him to stiffen in surprise, barely suppressing the expression of surprise from crossing his face. He did not want to draw attention to himself.

'Shit!' He thought to himself, biting his tongue as he felt the usual warmth starting to fill his tense muscles. He tried hard not to shake, nor to move, even as he felt his human lower region harden. This was not supposed to happen to him now. He’d taken measures against it, done all that was needed to make sure that it wouldn’t happen…yet it had.

Despite his internal panic, Shingetsu was not afraid of what was happening to him. He knew what it was. It was a Barian thing…something that every Barian being felt every once in awhile. He had been told it was because they were a fighting race, and so in order to replenish the armies they wasted by sending out to battles with themselves or other worlds, every Barian had an instinctual drive to reproduce. It was something that was designed to ensure Barian survival. The need to mate, was basically it. His body was trying to force him to do something that would probably blow his cover, and make him look odd, since humans did not have such instincts.

He could feel his innards tense painfully, his body trying to control him, to force him to mate. There was pain, and he bit his lip till he tasted blood, barely able to suppress a groan. He quickly lowered his head to his desk, keeping his hot forehead against the cool metal surface. He could feel his pants hardening between his legs, so tight that it was painful. So he was having a human response to a Barian reaction. Interesting, he would’ve thought, had he not been clenching his fists, trying to hard not to move, not to tremble, not allowing his body to rebel. He didn’t even notice that the teacher had stopped talking, ending today’s lesson, and that his classmates were slowly leaving.

“Shingetsu? Oi, Shingetsu! Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Came the call of his subordinate from next to him. Shingetsu opened his mouth to speak, but all that came out was a loud groan. Yuuma quickly grabbed his friend’s shoulders, shaking him slightly.

“Shingetsu! Pull yourself together! Are you hurt?” Yuuma asked anxiously, not used to seeing his Barian friend looking like he was about to die. Shingetsu shivered at the touch, body hot and almost writhing. It took every ounce of his self control to not take Yuuma right there, but god did he want to. He needed to. He had to. He lifted his head off the desk, choosing not to attempt to answer Yuuma again, concentrating his energy on forming a small Barian’s portal next to him. Yuuma’s eyes widened as he saw it appear, watching his friend, then himself, dissolving into golden dust as they faded into the portal.

They reappeared in the empty boy’s washroom down the hall, Shingetsu barely able to land, standing up straight and fighting his trembling, biting his lips, fighting down the pain. Yuuma tumbled out and hit the floor hard. Shingetsu was breathing heavily, losing control quickly. His eyes were already glowing, he could not longer keep them normal. Yuuma groaned as he sat up, looking around to get a grasp of his surroundings, before he felt someone grab his collar, hoisting him up off the ground. Shingetsu grabbed his subordinate as gently as his depraved body could manage, dragging him to the nearest stall and all but dropping him roughly on the closed toilet seat. He turned to lock the stall behind them, hands trembling as they slid the lock into place.

“Oi, Shingetsu, what’s going on? Shingetsu! Hey!” Yuuma exclaimed as he was dragged, then dumped on the toilet seat. It wasn’t like Shingetsu to act like this. Yuuma wondered what was wrong.

“What are you-” He started, but froze in shock as Shingetsu turned around. His eyes were glowing bright purple, very much like a Barian’s. His body was shaking, his face fighting the urge to twist in pain, and the front of his pants was bulging. It took every bit of Shingetsu’s self-discipline not to pounce on Yuuma, but as Yuuma was his friend and subordinate, he felt as if he should explain at least somewhat. He really didn’t want to do this to Yuuma…he’d rather not do it at all. But he had no choice.

“Yuuma…I…need…you-your help….” Shingetsu started, speaking in his real voice, groaning to himself, trying not to touch himself and also not to pounce. Yuuma, being oblivious as always, frowned, slowly standing to comfort his friend. He was a bit worried by Shingetsu’s strange behaviour. He’d never seen his friend look this…ragged.

“I’ll do anything to help you! What’s wrong, Shingetsu? You really look…sick…you’re sweating and everything…” He noted, concerned for his friend. What did Shingetsu need from him? Shingetsu began clawing at his own clothes, needing them off. He was far too hot. Yuuma’s eyes widened slightly, cheeks flushing as he realized Shingetsu was stripping.

“You too…” He managed to hiss, trying not to scream at how much he hurt. He knew the only way to get rid of it. Yuuma’s eyes widened, his face turning deep red at the suggestion.

“Wh-what?! Shingetsu!” He exclaimed, stunned and confused. Shingetsu growled as he tore at his pants, tearing his boxers, leaving him completely naked in front of Yuuma, and fully erect. He left his shoes on, not having the patience to remove them. This was not going to work, his muscles clenching, his body’s needs overwhelming him. He couldn’t stop himself from moving. He lunged at Yuuma, grabbing the boy by the biceps and hoisting him up above the toilet, making the boy gasp in terror at the intense look in Shingetsu’s eyes. Shingetsu felt internally guilty, not wanting Yuuma to see him like this, and knowing fully that he was terrifying him.

“Yuuma…help me…” He gasped, starting to tear at Yuuma’s belt. He didn’t care about the shirt, he just needed the pants off. The boy yelped and flailed, trying to get away.

“Shingetsu, wait! Why are you doing this!?” He cried, scared of whatever was to come. Shingetsu had never acted like that before. He grabbed the Barian’s wrists, making Shingetsu let out an involuntary whine. He dug his hands into Yuuma’s pants, clutching the boy’s hips, trying hard not to fight back, like his body was telling him to. Just grabbing his wrists was agony. Shingetsu knew he needed to explain.

“I…need you…Yuuma…please…” Shingetsu begged, putting on a desperate look that wasn’t entirely fake. Yuuma’s eyes widened slightly, pausing in his struggles.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yuuma asked. Shingetsu shuddered, pressing himself against Yuuma, trying hard not to buck into the boy’s pants.

“Barian thing…just, trust me…Yuuma-kun, please…” Shingetsu said, slipping back into his more innocent facade, hoping that maybe this would work better. Yuuma felt himself slowly relax a bit, reminding himself that he did trust Shingetsu. They’d been through so much after all. And he did want to help him. He slowly removed his hands from Shingetsu’s wrists, helping his friend and partner of sorts take off his belt without breaking it. Shingetsu was breathing heavily, erection straining and body aching.

Moments later, Yuuma’s pants were off, and the boy was looking increasingly uncomfortable, but he wasn’t fighting anymore. He understood somehow that Shingetsu needed him to do…something. He genuinely wanted to help him. Shingetsu was shaking, barely able to control himself, and while part of him wanted to push himself right into Yuuma, he knew logically that the human body was not designed for such a thing. If only Yuuma were female, he could start right away without as much worry, Shingetsu mentally cursed. But it didn’t really matter in the long run, since he’d just have to make due with what he had. He leaned against Yuuma, grinding slightly against his chest and moaning, which made Yuuma stiffen. He whispered into the boy’s ear as he did so.

“You…may want to…stretch yourself…” Shingetsu murmured, feeling his erection throbbing. He was slowly losing control, unable to stand not giving it attention. He palmed himself, not noticing how Yuuma was stiffening, leaning away.

“Uh…Shingetsu…I…can’t really stretch my legs in this…position…” He said, his legs being forced apart to accommodate Shingetsu’s body. It took Shingetsu a moment to realize why Yuuma was referring to his legs, and he mentally groaned. Sometimes having a human as a subordinate was disadvantageous. Sighing to himself, feeling the need growing deep within him, he immediately released his cock, grabbing the boy’s hips and shifting, swinging Yuuma off the toilet and into his lap, making himself sit on the closed lid. Shingetsu didn’t feel as if he could stand up much longer…his knees were trembling too much and the pain he was feeling far too intense. His human body wasn’t strong enough to take the overwhelming physical symptoms of heat. He knew he’d be better once he actually penetrated Yuuma, and hopefully from this position it would be fairly easy to do.

Yuuma yelped as he was swung off the top of the toilet and put in Shingetsu lap. He instinctively gripped Shingetsu’s shoulders to steady himself, wondering what they were doing. He still couldn’t stretch this way. What were they going to do? He felt Shingetsu shifting, lying back as much as he could on the toilet seat, keeping himself focused on positioning himself in line with Yuuma’s entrance. Yuuma let himself be moved, feeling the tip of Shingetsu’s cock pressing against his entrance.

“Shingetsu, I still can’t stretch like th-AAAAH!” Yuuma screeched as he felt Shingetsu push into his dry hole as carefully as he could, all but writhing in delight as his body was being satisfied at last. Yuuma tensed up, crying out in alarm and pain. God it hurt. He hadn’t been stretched, nor prepared. He felt like crying, he’d never done this before. He gripped Shingetsu’s shoulders so tightly he was leaving marks on the other’s bare shoulders. Shingetsu grunted, feeling guilty that he was hurting Yuuma, but his body was happy, and he pushed in further, moaning, eyes nearly rolling back into his head in relief. Yuuma tried not to cry, biting his lip and trembling, not used to anything entering his virgin body, tensing like crazy.

“STOP! It hurts!” He cried, trying to pull himself off of Shingetsu, but the Barian growled, holding Yuuma’s hips and keeping him down. He needed more. He panted, finally hitting as far as he could go, pausing reluctantly, fighting the urge to immediately begin thrusting. He was shaking, every moment he tried to still himself pure agony. He hated his body right now. In order to entertain himself, he began to massage Yuuma’s thighs slightly.

“It’ll…get better…just hang in there..relax…” He muttered, rocking his hips, unable to stay completely immobile. It hurt too much…god he needed release. Yuuma shivered at Shingetsu’s warm hands brushing his thighs, and although the pain was still there, it wasn’t as bad as his body adjusted slowly.

“Sh-Shingetsu…” He stammered, alarmed as the cock inside him slowly brushed nerves, sparking a strange feeling in him that he’d never experienced before. Shingetsu moaned to himself, hearing the name that technically wasn’t his, but he had heard long enough to acknowledge as his own. He slowly pulled himself out, lifting Yuuma as he did, then pushed back in at full force with a groan. Yuuma cried out, tensing, walls clenching around Shingetsu, making the Barian moan loudly. He needed this. He needed it so badly that it was all he could think of.

Yuuma continued to groan, crying out in pain as Shingetsu continued to lift him up and down onto his solid cock. He felt like his insides were tearing apart, but it was being suppressed by something else, the more Shingetsu moved. He could feel hardening in his nether regions, his body heating up slowly, responding more to the Barian’s touch, and wanting more. Shingetsu slammed into Yuuma’s sweet spot, making him scream in delight. Closing his eyes and moaning in ecstasy, he pushed against the other’s shoulders, trying to get himself up further, then pulling down, trying to push himself back into Shingetsu’s cock.

“Shin-AHH! More! Ah-aah~” Yuuma cried, unable to form complete sentences anymore. Shingetsu was practically writhing in reply, eager for a repeat performance. He kept thrusting into Yuuma, finding the position a bit awkward, but it was working. Instincts taking over, he was becoming more and more aggressive, needing to be deeper and deeper inside of Yuuma as he approached his climax. Yuuma continued to scream in pleasure, now fully hard as his prostate was battered again and again by the Barian. He kept pushing back into the older boy, clenching tightly around Shingetsu’s cock, which made the Barian moan loudly, wanting more. It was amazing to have mate this way, Shingetsu was discovering.

He screamed, cumming hard into Yuuma at last, sighing deeply as he felt his body relax, the heat fading along with the pain. Yuuma however, was not quite done, having started to respond so late. He whined at Shingetsu’s sudden halting of movement, making Shingetsu, who was physically worn out as he always was after a heat session, groan and begin to pump Yuuma’s cock as best he could, feeling that his subordinate needed him. Yuuma moaned, bucking as best he could into the other’s hand with Shingetsu still inside him. The cock inside him continually rubbed against his prostate as he bucked, the pressure in his lower abdomen intensifying suddenly. Yuuma really had no idea what was happening to his body, crying out when he suddenly felt seed expelling from his cock and into Shingetsu’s hand, panting and feeling suddenly exhausted. Shingetsu shifted carefully, and Yuuma winced in pain as he pulled himself out, keeping a hold of Yuuma and pressing him against his chest in a small hug.

“Thank you, Yuuma…you’re an excellent subordinate…” He murmured, rubbing the boy’s still clothed back. Yuuma leaned closer to Shingetsu.

“What…was that, exactly…?” He asked, leaning against the Barian’s shoulder. Shingetsu smiled to himself.

“I will tell you later. For now, you should rest, Yuuma. Thank you for helping me.” Shingetsu said sincerely, cradling the sleepy boy in his arms. He was used to the post-orgasmic exhaustion due to his repeated times in heat, but Yuuma was overwhelmed by a desire to sleep, and had no energy left to fight it.

“Hmm…okay….” Yuuma murmured sleepily, closing his eyes, resting on the shoulder of the Barian’s Guardian. Shingetsu helped dress Yuuma, pulling his pants and undergarments back on, before dressing himself and leaving, carrying Yuuma bridal style as he opened a portal to Yuuma’s room. He would tell the school nurses later that the boy had been ill and had gone home. He laid Yuuma down on the bed in his lower room, below the attic, tucking him in and smiling to himself as Yuuma curled into the covers instinctively, drawn by the warmth. Shingetsu smiled.

“Sleep well, Detective Yuuma.” He said, kissing the boy on the cheek before fading back into the Barian portal to return to school.